CCT adjourns Saraki’s trial yet again

CCT adjourns Saraki’s trial yet again
March 12, 2018 2 Comments Uncategorized Bounce Corruption

At the Code of Conduct Tribunal Jabi Abuja on Tuesday, the trial of Senate President Bukola Saraki was adjourned till March 8 to enable the defense team reply to the prosecution’s written address.
The hearing on Tuesday started with a dispute between the defense counsel, Kanu Agabi, and prosecution counsel, Rotimi Jacobs, on late submission of the brief .
Agabi (SAN) addressed the court that he is very much willing for the trial to continue but the prosecution has made it impossible to address the court by delaying the trial.
Agabi reiterated that the prosecution counsel did not submit the address early which resulted to limited time for processing.
The prosecution counsel in his reply to what the defense counsel, said that the Mr. Agabi is the one that is delaying the court. He said he gave them 14 days to submit their briefing during the last hearing but he said it will be ready in 7 days and they failed to submit it.
The defense counsel gave a counter reply that weekends can not be counted as part of the 7 days.
Mr. Agabi then pleaded with the judge to give more time to go through what the address submitted to him by the prosecution counsel.
Justice. Umar, the presiding judge after listening to both sides granted the request of the defence and adjourned the case to 8 March.
The judge added that both counsels should submit their short-written address on the adjourned date in order to conclude and pass his judgement on that same day.

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    Nigerians have very short memories. The majority of Senators causing trouble are members of the PDP who ran to the new party. The seeds of disharmony were sown when Saraki and Ekweremadu were concocted and installed as President and Deputy President of the Senate. Since then, PDP caucus visibly disobeyed APC leadership. Its only the maturity of the President and Bola Tinibu that frustrated these threats and kept the party in focus. Whatever they do they have come to the end of their political careers. We now know that they are not fit to hold any political office for Nigerians.

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    Thanks for the terrific article


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