YIAGA AFRICA’s BounceCorruption Calls on Anti-Corruption Advocates to Demand Youth Candidacy, Democratic Party Primaries

As we prepare towards the National Day of Action (on youth candidacy and Democratic Party primaries) scheduled for 8th August, 2018 targeted at political parties across each state of the federation, YIAGA Africa’s #BounceCorruption team wishes to implore all its anti-corruption advocates, partners and ambassadors in the various states to come out en masse in support of this affirmative action.

As a group, we believe that the non-inclusion of youth in the governance process – as is evident in most political party’s structure forestalls good and accountable governance on a large scale. Given that the success of the anti-corruption movement hinges on good and accountable governance at all levels, this therefore means that for the tenets of Democracy to be actualized, it must reflect inclusiveness at its very core: this avails the populace a multiplicity of options where they choose representatives at all levels of governance. This cannot be achieved when there are deliberate and coordinated attempts perpetuated by some political actors and party leadership to shut out youths (who account for about 67% of the population) by making nomination forms for primaries expensive to say the least among other factors.

As a Nation, we cannot win the anticorruption war without youth involvement in the highest levels of governance. We must therefore resist every narrative that seeks to undermine the importance and vibrancy of youths; we must with our numbers and our inherent abilities challenge and if need be, frustrate every attempt to shut the youth out of the political process by the unrealistic preconditions presented by most political parties in running for office. We must stand firm and send out clear messages to the political class and party’s hierarchy regarding our readiness to not just be involved in governance, but to also lead the campaign to rid our country of corruption that has bedeviled the country overtime with the use of countless antics.

To us, if democracy is defined by inclusion, then every attempt by any means to either deprive the most populated sector of the society of this opportunity to actively participate or frustrate their inclusion in the process is in itself  corrupt, as such a move is in blatant disregard of the very core of democracy.

The National day of Action will be a day to send out one message in one voice to political parties as they get set to conduct party primaries; that we are ready in our numbers to resist and vote out parties that are elusive to youth inclusiveness. We therefore urge all our #BounceCorruption advocates not to relent in efforts to make this happen. We urge you therefore to take opportunity of the window provided by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to register and get your PVC within the stipulated date as announced by INEC.

To be able to elect youths and leaders capable of accountable and corrupt-free governance, the importance of the thumbprint through our PVC can never be overestimated.

Come one, come all! And together, let’s unite and #BounceCorruption out of Nigeria.

Click here  here to sign up as a Bounce Corruption Crusader in your locality now!

Samson Itodo, Executive Director, YIAGA AFRICA.

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